Should not unilaterally look at the manufacturing sector to become bad loans

A, and financial institutions exists potential of credit risk these handle false a loan of developers often with with funds tension, and project not rules, and funds was misappropriated, phenomenon, repayment source lack effective guarantees, and mortgage real of false or value overestimated and makes its risk sustained release role to achieved, more increased has loan default loss rate, once funds turnover appeared problem, funds chain fracture, on will directly effect loan reimbursement, Bank will faced huge of funds loss risk.
II, likely to cause distortion of financial statistics lent financial institutions in accordance with the statistics, statistics of such loans to "personal loans", and actually put into use, resulting in distortion of financial statistics, easy to make government departments, financial institutions, small and medium enterprises with production management, miscalculations on the development of the local economy.
three, causing business credit information distortion of some enterprises in personal loans from financial institutions to obtain loans for their use, through credit system queries do not check these loans and the information system does not reflect the company's true liabilities, credit status, likely to cause distortion of business credit information, it is difficult to guarantee the authenticity of information collection.