Loans to buy a House to maintain good personal credit record

Personal credit stain often appeared in work family and the fashion class white-collar, and gold led people and in school students body. credit card gradually became has white-collar of out essential "weapons" one of, usually entertainment consumption spent compared big, easy caused late; and gold led class customer most is because work Shang of need, forgotten or remember wrong has repayment time, led to hand Shang of mortgage, and car loan regularly repayment was repeatedly delays and caused bad records; in school students is is for "credit records" this a concept consciousness is shallow, Some work without applying for a student loan student loans on time, credit blemishes.
it is understood that generally speaking clients if by chance a late, and the time is not very long, banks would not be recognized as bad credit customers, but if more overdue, beyond the Bank's bottom line, Bank loan, it would be more prudent, if more serious delinquencies, is likely not to be granted the loan. At present, many banks are implementing differentiated credit policy, for loans to customers, will have the interest rate discount, the Bank according to the customer's qualification.
However, in those overdue for a number of clients, some even up to hundreds of times or more overdue. It is understood that the credit-card customers, or malicious default of the borrower of money, overdrafts not records will also be recorded in the Central Bank's personal credit system, leave credit and personal credit system "tainted" long-term retention, resulting in such customer will in future apply for loans as banks "stain".
with the perfection of individual credit system construction and management, individual credit situation is important for measuring personal credit in the housing loan standards. Personal credit maintains, is an intangible asset, a little attention, the "stain" would become his lifelong carry "superfluous", so must stand up for yourself before buying a credit record.

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